Notes on some American right-wing figures


William F. Buckley’s CIA background influenced his writing and publishing career. Buckley’s National Review served as a CIA front and according to E. Howard Hunt Regnery Publishing, which published Buckley’s God and Man at Yale, was subsidized by the CIA. The covert political warfare techniques that became a staple of the right seem to have been adopted from the CIA of this period.


Marvin Liebman was a key player connecting Young Americans for Freedom, the World Anti-Communist League, and various direct-mail fundraising scams. He worked with Irgun the right-wing zionist terrorist organization and served as the secretary of the “Committee of One Million Against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations” until 1969 when Lee Edwards took over his role, it would close down in 1971. Liebman as well as a lot of other members of the Committe would go on to form the American-Chilean Council to spread pro-Pinochet propaganda.

William F. Buckley had very close ties with Liebman and when he started YAF in 1960, the organization was represented by Liebman’s public relations firm and made use of Liebman’s office space. Liebman’s PR work for YAF probably created the pattern of direct-mail fundraising which was subsequently adapted by Richard Viguerie. Viguerie was at the centre of the development and funding of various conservative organizations e.g. the National Conservative Political Action Committee, the Conservative Caucus, the Christian Crusade, Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation, and Gun Owners of America, and many election campaigns. Viguerie methods were followed by younger YAF members like Lee Edwards and Bruce Eberle.

Operation 40 was a key social network laying the grounds for much later developments considering many of its participants would go on to play roles in Operation Phoenix, Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc.


The Asian Peoples Anti-Communist League had close ties to the China Lobby in America, which had deep connections within the US government. CIA officer Ray Cline helped the APACL establish the Political Warfare Cadres Academy in Taiwan in the late 1950s. This academy continued to be active under their guidance through the 1980s and provided training in counter-insurgency, psychological warfare, and assassination to figures such as Roberto D’Aubuisson. In America the World Anti-Communist League‘s funding would come from beer baron Joseph Coors and Texas oil billionaires Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt.

Western Goals Foundation was funded by various corporations and wealthy John Birch Society members e.g. Nelson Bunker Hunt and industrialist Roger Milliken. Roy Cohn, who had an intellectual influence on future president Donald Trump, served as a board member.


The Council for National Policy operates as the primary coordinating/funding body for most all Christian Right projects and has been funded by William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt.


The Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973, by republican Strategist Paul Weyrich who also founded The American Legislative Exchange Council in the same year to coordinate the work of Religious Right state legislators. In 1979 Weyrich coined the term “Moral Majority.” Their goal was to politicize members of fundamentalist, Pentecostal and other charismatic churches which where formerly largely apolitical. Jerry Falwell would become the leader of the Moral Majority.


American Coalition for Traditional Values was found by reverend Timothy LaHaye, it’s a large network of churches committed to getting Christian candidates elected to office. They were crucial to getting the republicans back in control of Congress for the first time in 40 years in 1994, the year that Republicans made a huge gain in State Legislatures. The purpose of focusing on state legislative races was to enable Republicans to gerrymander Congressional Districts.

The American-Chilean Council was founded in 1974 to support the Chilean dictatorship, older members included Marvin Liebman, Murray Baron, Walter Judd, James D. Atkinson, David N. Rowe, Anthony Kubek, Lev Dobriansky, Stefan Possony, and Anthony Bouscaren. The notable younger members were David A. Keene, L. Francis Bouchey, and Ronald Docksai. All three would later be involved with the Council for Inter-American Security, Docksai as its founder and Bouchey as its leader during the 1980s.

The Council for Inter-American Security supported the Nicaraguan Contras and worked to improve the reputation of Salvadoran death squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson. In its private COINTELPRO-style operations, it targeted Central America solidarity activists, leftist clergy, and the Salvadoran exile community. It gathered intelligence which it sent to the FBI and the Salvadoran intelligence service. It also disseminated disinformation to the press.


American Security Council membership overlapped extensively with the Committee on the Present Danger and George H.W. Bush’s Team B. In 1978, it created the Coalition for Peace Through Strength. Other names associated with the ASC in the 1970s and 80s include Stefan Possony, John K. Singlaub, Anthony Bouscaren, Ray Cline, Joseph Coors, Thomas H. Moorer, Richard Bissell, Edwin Feulner, Neil Livingstone, Curtis LeMay, Richard Pipes, and James Milnor Roberts.


Richard Nixon was connected to the Syndicate but it’s argued when it began. Some say it was 1946, when Nixon ran for Congress in California and Murray Chotiner, a top Syndicate defence attorney, ran his campaign with support from the gangster Mickey Cohen; others place the Nixon-underworld connection as early as 1943, when Nixon was working in the Office of Price Administration.


H. L. Hunt in 1966 was approached for funding Vatican anti-Communist operations in Latin America, a project in conjunction with the Unification Church.


Paul Helliwell was an OSS man who learned much about smuggling drugs in Asia as well as using front companies like Air America; he is key to introducing the arms-for-drugs model.


Stefan Possony made his way to the United States, where he worked with the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II. He joined the Hoover Institute in 1961 and eventually became a senior fellow. In 1972, when information came out blaming a recent influx of heroin on the US presence in Vietnam, Possony authored a pamphlet, Maoist China and Heroin, that attempted to pin it on the Chinese instead. In 1978, he and L. Francis Bouchey published International Terrorism: The Communist Connection, which alleged that every terrorist organization in the world, from the Irish Republican Army to the Weather Underground, existed because of soviet support. He also had an interest in UFOs.


Brian Crozier was obsessed with the idea of communist infiltration and created the Institute for the Study of Conflict in 1970 to collect information on extremist organizations. He had a big impact on the policies of the President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher administrations.


Robert Moss was one of the first writers to focus on international terrorism, he created the narrative of a battle existing between terrorism and liberal democracy. Later in life he went a bit insane and invented a new age method of “active dreaming” which the attempted killer of Congresswoman Gaby Giffords was a fan of.


Neil Livingstone was an intelligence community groupie who had ties with Israeli intelligence, promoted extra-judicial oversea killings and death squads. In 1984 Livingstone became the head of the Institute on Terrorism and Subnational Conflict, which worked out of the offices of the American Security Council. He brought along Rob Owen as executive director, and the two of them used the organization to channel funding to the Contras, who were running out of cash. Livingstone became a regular consultant on terrorism to corporations and television news programs.


Felix Rodriguez was a prominent Cuban exil who became involved with the CIA’s anti-Castro operations in Florida under Theodore Shackley in the early 1960s. He played a role in the killing of Che Guevara in 1967 and in 1970 was brought into the Operation Phoenix drugs-and-assassination program in Vietnam by Shackley and Donald Gregg. In 1981, Gregg became an aide to Vice President George H.W. Bush and served as his contact person with the “Enterprise,” Shackley’s group of former CIA officers. After a secret meeting with Rodriguez at the White House, Gregg recommended a program of military attacks against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua to Robert McFarlane, who was then a counselor to Secretary of State Alexander Haig. This was the start of the Contra affair.


Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, Trumps first pick for National Security Adviser, worked promoting the interests of Palantir, a private security firm co-founded by PayPal founder and Trump supporter Peter Thiel. In 2011 when Anonymous hacked the private intelligence firm HBGary it was revealed in leaked emails that Palantir and Berico Technology had been working on a project called Team Themis which was designed to spy on and discredit critics of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Elements within Andrew Breitbart‘s right-wing circle incorporated Team Themis’s tactics.

In July 2016, Flynn and Michael Ledeen published The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies. The book was written from Flynn’s POV but it was really just a slightly modernized version of Ledeen’s older conspiracy theories. Ledeen was the key player in creating the whole international terrorism as a creation of the USSR narrative back in the 70s and he has been pushing the “axis of evil” notions and for regime change ever since then in slightly modified form. Also until November 2016 Flynn was on the board of directors of a technology company called Brainwave Science that “is seeking to develop a market for its innovative -– but broadly disputed – technology called ‘brain fingerprinting’ which tries to assess an interrogation subject’s honesty through a brain scan.”


General Paul Vallely, an ultra-Zionist Fox News analyst from 2001 to 2007, attracted notice in December 2013 when he announced that other former military officers had approached him about leading a coup against the United States government. Vallely was the co-author of “From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory,” written in 1980 in collaboration with the Satanic neo-Nazi accused paedophile Lt. Col. Michael.



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